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Learning a new language isn’t just for career growth; it’s about building confidence, enhancing happiness, and boosting job performance. Give your employees the best – they deserve it!

« I see daily how learning or improving in a new language can significantly boost self-confidence, happiness, and work performance. 

This journey of linguistic growth not only unlocks new opportunities but also fosters personal development and self-improvement. It’s a transformative experience that empowers individuals in both their personal and professional lives, enriching their interactions and broadening their horizons in the global landscape. »

Elisabeth Crupi

Fondatrice - Hellofrench

Our method has proved its worth

Our method is meticulously crafted to place the student at the heart of each course. We foster an environment where learners are actively engaged in their education, immersed in a positive atmosphere designed to maximize their French language acquisition. 

This approach ensures not only efficient learning but also an enjoyable experience. Our students don’t just learn French; they have a great time doing it, enhancing their skills in a supportive and dynamic setting.

With over 170,000 YouTube followers and hundreds of satisfied global customers, our evolving method consistently adapts to offer the best, most effective learning experience for our students.

For companies concerned about their employees' well-being​

Improves Self-Confidence

✅ Being able to communicate in a different language empower and increase confidence in both personal and professional settings.

Enhances Global Happiness

✅ Learning a new language contribute to overall happiness. Additionally, the process of learning can be enjoyable and fulfilling in itself.

Boosts Work Performance

Being multilingual is a significant asset in the workplace. It leads to better collaboration with colleagues or clients from different linguistic backgrounds.

Among our students, we count talents from

🇫🇷 A tailor-made method for all levels (A1 to C1)

1 to 1 conversation as the keystone.

Far from traditional school-based learning, our method puts the learner at the center of his or her progress.

✅ Thanks to natural, friendly conversations, learners spontaneously unlock new levels of progress and enjoy learning.

Everyday French is the foundation

Many learners invest considerable time and energy in mastering the rarely used subtleties of French, while overlooking the essential basics—those used in both professional and personal contexts.

✅ We focus our learning on the tenses, expressions, and words that French speakers actually use.


👉 What you get

On-demand 1-1 conversation classes + personalized worksheet

Your employees can book conversation classes at their convenience, from Monday to Friday. Our courses are tailored to their level and industry sector.

📝 After each session, your employees receive a personalized worksheet to focus on their areas for improvement.

Unlimited access to all our training courses

They have the flexibility to work through all our online courses and training programs independently, including any updates.

Our premier online course: "50 Everyday Conversations to Boost Your French Understanding".

Access to a dedicated discussion group

Your employees interact with people from all over the world and HelloFrench teachers.

Join the conversation on our Slack channel! 😉

👉 We offer 3 tailored packages to meet your needs:


269 USD per month and user
  • ✅ 1 hour conversation class / week
  • ✅ Personalized worksheet
  • ✅ Full access to our online courses
  • Access to our community space


399 USD per month and user
  • Unlimited conversation lessons*
  • ✅ Personalized worksheet
  • ✅ Full access to our online courses
  • Access to our community space
-20$ / hour


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  • 😎 Seminar participation
  • 😎 Customized training courses

  • 😎 And much more!

* Up to 20 hours per month, Monday to Friday.

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