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Whether your motivation is professional or personal, elevate your French to a new level. With our proven method, we empower non-French speakers to advance towards exceptional mastery of the French language.

Often, non-native French speakers who are proficient in written French struggle with mastering the spoken form used daily by native speakers. This can affect both their personal integration and their work performance in a French environment.

Our method focuses on the learner, offering tailored and positive conversational lessons. Over 200,000 people worldwide have embraced my approach, advancing their French skills together with us on my YouTube channel.

Elisabeth Crupi

Fondatrice - Hellofrench

🇫🇷 For those whose French is essential to their daily lives

For professionals

🎯 Non-French speakers who use French in a professional context may feel out of step with their French-speaking counterparts and fail to achieve their objectives

✅ We help them get as close as possible to the way French speakers speak in everyday situations.

For newcomers to Francophone countries

🎯 Newcomers to Francophone areas who don’t speak French may struggle with integrating into daily life due to insufficient French skills.

✅ Whether it’s about making friends, securing housing, or navigating administrative tasks, we support everyone in becoming more seamlessly integrated into their surroundings.

Our method has proved its worth

It’s the result of thousands of lessons, comments, and reflections, all aimed at offering the most effective and useful courses possible. We’re proud to provide a method that’s enriching, effective, and rooted in everyday conversations.

On YouTube, we unite 200,000 individuals learning French. Thanks to daily interactions with our community, our learning method is continually refined to mirror the current realities of the French language and the genuine needs of learners.

Many traditional methods teach a version of French that’s detached from real-life application. Once in France, whether in a business meeting or a coffee break with colleagues, individuals who thought they had mastered the basics often find themselves completely lost!

Our method is crafted to empower everyone to learn the specific French they need, allowing them to fully express themselves in everyday situations.

200 000 people improve their French with us 🇫🇷

✋ A personalized method for proactive learning

Active Conversation as the Cornerstone

Far from traditional learning or language apps, our method puts the learner at the heart of their progress by requiring them to be constantly active.

✅ Through natural and supportive conversations, learners spontaneously unlock levels of progression and enjoy learning. More importantly, they are active and make progress in French through an immersive method and learning by trial and error.

Everyday French as the Foundation

Too many learners approach French backwards. They spend a lot of time on seldom-used nuances of French, yet overlook essential basics and fail to understand simple words, expressions, or phrases.

We focus learning on the tenses, phrases, expressions, and words that are truly used daily by Francophones. The nuances of the French language are taught only after the basics are mastered.

🎯 A service for every need

French for Business purpose

We assist those who work or want to work with French speakers. Improve your conversations, make them more convincing and forge closer links with your interlocutors.

French for Leisure Purposes

We assist non-French speakers wishing to settle in a French-speaking environment. Make your conversations more fluid and express yourself with confidence in any everyday situation.


👉 What you get

On-demand 1-1 conversation classes + personalized worksheet

Book conversation classes at your convenience, from Monday to Friday. Our courses are tailored to your level, industry sector or any other request.

📝 After each session, your employees receive a personalized worksheet to focus on their areas for improvement.

Unlimited access to all our training courses

You have the flexibility to work through all our online courses and training programs independently, including any updates.

Our premier online course: "50 Everyday Conversations to Boost Your French Understanding".

Access to a dedicated discussion group

Connect with people from around the globe and dedicated HelloFrench teachers, all in French! Whether you're navigating your move to France, settling in, or simply have questions about living here (taxes, buying a house, etc.), we're here to support you!

👉 We offer 3 tailored packages to meet your needs:


249 per month and user
  • ✅ 1 hour conversation class / week
  • ✅ Personalized worksheet
  • ✅ Full access to our online courses
  • Access to our community space


389 per month and user
  • 2 hours conversation class / week
  • ✅ Personalized worksheet
  • ✅ Full access to our online courses
  • Access to our community space


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  • 😎 Seminar participation
  • 😎 Customized training courses

  • 😎 And much more!

🚫 Seats are limited. We only accept motivated people in this tailor-made coaching.

🎯 Some companies pay for their employees’ French lessons. Contact us to find out more.

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